MSD85 was Installed on N63 & S63 Engines

2007 – 2013
Exx X5er X6er
E70 E71

2007 – 2013
Fxx 5er 6er 7er
F10 F07 F06 F12 F01 F02

MSD85 refers to the generation of the Siemens Continental ECU
Based on the TriCore TC1796 processor
Internal flash memory 2MB and 128kb internal Eeprom
and 2mb of external flash memory
and 95128 external eeprom 16kb


OBD Mode - Only for Diagnostics


Bench Mode - You Don't need to open your ECU - Only Calibration Area R & W


Boot & BSL Mode - You need to open the ECU - Full Reading & Writing